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At five years of age, many children are ready to start playing video games. Games are an excellent way for your child to learn new skills, solve problems, and engage with their favorite characters. Video games offer an opportunity for the whole family to play together while building memories and having fun. Here are the best video games to play with your five-year-old.

What to look for in a game for five-year old’s

 When looking for the right game for your child you need to be aware of a couple of factors that make a video game suitable for a five-year-old. The first thing to keep in mind Is the rating of the game. Rated E games are appropriate for all ages. These games do not have inappropriate subject matter, language, or excessive violence. Finding a game with the proper rating is important.

The second thing to keep in mind is the difficulty of each game’s controls. Some games require difficult combinations of button presses and skills to play the game well. When choosing a game for a five-year-old you want to make sure that the controls are accessible for their ability level. A simple web search of each game’s controls can help you decide which game is right for your child.

The last thing to keep in mind is if a game is multiplayer or single-player. One of the best things about playing games is that you can do it as a family. When deciding on games for your child to play it is best to choose multiplayer games that everyone can play together.

The five best games for five-year old’s


Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart is a timeless classic that most kids have grown up with. The most recent installment is on the Nintendo Switch and features the most in-depth Mario Kart experience to date. Join Mario and all of his friends as they race through a wide variety of tracks from across the last three decades of Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart has easy and assisted controls that make it easy for anyone to play. The content material is suitable and engaging for people of all ages. Mario Kart 8 is the perfect family game and can provide hours and hours of fun for everyone. Whether your child races the courses against the CPU or you hold weekly race nights, Mario Kart is a great game for five-year old’s and their families.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a dancing game made for the Nintendo Switch. Just Dance offers players a chance to dance along to choreographed dance moves set to popular songs while earning points. Just Dance gets players moving and exercising while playing.

Just Dance has single-player and multiplayer modes so the whole family can move and groove together. There are a variety of songs so everyone in the family can find their favorite song and dance. Just Dance offers physical movement alongside play which can be beneficial to children of all ages and fun for the whole family.


There is a reason that Minecraft has been a popular title for over a decade. The open-world building and mining game is the perfect mix of organized play and open-world creativity. Anything your five-year-old can imagine, they can build in Minecraft. With many game modes, your child can play any way they want. Minecraft allows kids to practice counting skills, problem-solving, and creativity by experimenting with different builds and making intricate mines.

Minecraft is available on every platform. Whether you play on Switch, XBOX, PlayStation, PC, Mac, or mobile, you can play Minecraft. Minecraft also has multiplayer options so the whole family can build and mine together. Playing Minecraft together will teach your child about teamwork and collaboration when making new things. Building together can be a great bonding experience for your child and you get to see how creative and innovative your child can be.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

All of the Lego games are a fun experience with all of your family’s favorite characters. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga offers the most in-depth and vast Lego game to date. Your child can play as their favorite character in a fun and colorful Lego version of the Star Wars movies. These games are packed full of fun gameplay and tons of funny moments that are sure to get the whole family laughing. Each level is linear, so it is not too difficult for children of any age to navigate through.

Lego Star Wars offers a multiplayer mode where you and your family can play collaboratively through the story. Each player can play their favorite character as you make your way through each movie. Lego Star Wars is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC so it is available on whatever console your family has available.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s main 3D platformer that is packed full of all the fun that Mario has to offer. The open-world is colorful, fun, and easy to navigate. Your child will have hours of fun running around the different levels and interacting with all of the fun and exciting characters and villains in the game. If your child struggles with the controls, Super Mario Odyssey offers an assisted mode that provides simplified controls and clear directions on how to make it through each level and defeat the enemies that stand in your way.

Super Mario Odyssey is a single-player game, but that does not mean that your family cannot play it together. Try taking turns on each level. The colorful and captivating graphics are fun to watch so even if you are not playing, the game provides a beautiful world to get lost in. Super Mario Odyssey will feed your child’s sense of exploration and adventure while teaching them about everyone’s favorite Italian Plumber. Super Mario Odyssey is available on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.



This quality of Mario Kart is undisputed.  PC Mag – 24th July 2018

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